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Nadia Shimenosky​

Nadia Shimenosky

Client Care Coordinator

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About : Nadia Shimenosky
Meet Nadia, our Client Care Coordinator and licensed Nursing Assistant at Forever Home Senior Care. Having just graduated in May of 2022 with honours from her nursing program she was eager to get to work and one fateful evening seated around a campfire, she met Charity and Andrew – soon after she joined our team!
Nadia brings a tremendous amount of joy, empathy, and reliable patient focused care which is an integral part of any healthcare team. Her passion for home-care is continuously growing along with her love for education. We know Nadia will bring care and comfort into your home. 
Nadia truly feels fulfilled when she is caring for others and firmly believes in the Golden Rule that you should treat others as you would want to be treated. Finding the perfect care aid for your loved ones can be stressful and challenging but let Nadia be your guide to Forever Home Senior Care and put your worries to bed!